About Cannabiniers

Cannabiniers is a cannabis brand management company that is focused on providing exceptional, lifestyle integrated consumer products.

Through a high level of business integrity and holding ourselves to the maximum standards of product quality, we produce and deliver the highest quality cannabis products to consumers, that are healthy and safe.

The vision behind Cannabiniers was to create revolutionary products for the cannabis community that are easily consumed and enjoyed as part of daily life. The merging of cannabis with our products, delivered in a sustained and environmentally conscious way, invests us in the responsibility of caring for both our customers and the environment.

Our Approach

Flower Based Technology

Cannabiniers utilizes one of the only process patents issued to the cannabis industry. Through this process, Cannabiniers can effectively extract all-natural plant compounds creating products that are curated for specific consumers. In addition, all ingredients used in the manufacturing process are natural, to ensure we are delivering a complete profile of the original plant directly to the consumer. Our products are tested for potency and quality multiple times during the manufacturing process.

The Starting Plant Material

We cultivate and source the highest quality plant material and test for contaminants and potency. This is a critical step as it ensures that the final product meets our extremely high standards.

The Extracted Active Ingredient

Our staff of highly trained chemists, pharmaceutical and food scientists, test the active ingredient for any residual contaminants and potency. Not only does this step ensure that we have a purely natural extracted ingredient, but it also provides certainty that our final product is accurately closed.

The Final Product

Once the final product is infused, we batch test each and every time to be certain that there are no contaminants, the product is homogenous and the potency is accurate.

Product Types


All our consumable products incorporate an emulsified water-based infusion that delivers a high-quality experience that is not “oil” based. We blend multiple types of cannabis strains into our products to support a range of medical conditions and recreational preferences.

Cannabiniers products: Brewbudz, Brewblendz, Just Society, Two Roots Brewing Co.

Final Thoughts

Cannabiniers is proud to be a leader in the fast growing and ever-evolving cannabis industry. Through a thoughtful approach, our goal is to ensure that the cannabis industry is built upon a stable foundation so that we can all enjoy the benefits of this remarkable plant.

Thank you for supporting the continued growth of the cannabis industry and thank you for becoming part of the Cannabiniers family!